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  • How Wet Sand Blasting Equipment Works?
    Start the high-pressure system and adjust the water flow and system pressure using the nozzle selection, pump speed, and controlling unloader setting. To test the functionality of the mechanism, pull the trigger on the gun. Place the sand induction probe inside the sand supply container. Adjust the tiny mixing head valve while the gun's trigger is open. By creating a vacuum in the sand hose line, the adjustment initiates the flow of sand. Sand is introduced to the system directly from a container through the sand point. The head's suction capabilities allow sand to be drawn into the head via the sand collection tube. In the head, sand and high-pressure water are combined. Through the nozzle, the resulting sand and water mixture is sprayed at high pressure across surfaces.
  • What are the Main Benefits of Wet Sand Blasting Equipment?
    The two most common sandblasting techniques are compressed air and wet sandblasting. The latter option is more secure. Sandblasting with compressed air requires the use of protective gear and respiratory equipment. This is unnecessary for a wet sandblasting device that achieves comparable results with high-pressure power washers. Wet sandblasting produces no dust, making it suitable for use in and around schools, businesses, commercial and industrial structures, and other locations.
  • In Which Applications are Wet Sand Blasters Used the Most?
    Paint removal, rust removal, corrosion removal & scale removal Casting Cleaning Ship hull cleaning Clean & peen precision parts Produce and anchor pattern ideal for uniform finishing Deburr machined parts Blend light scratches and tool marks Deflash plastic and metal parts Stone cleaning / designing

Custom Systems

Water SandBlasting Equipment

Product Specifications

Driver Type:- Electric Motor Driven, Diesel Engine Driven

Electric Motor Options:- Flame Proof Motor, Non-Flame Proof Motor, Hydraulic Motor, Energy Efficient Motor

Mounting Option:- Trolley Mounted, Skid Mounted

RPM:- For 50 Hz - 1450 RPM and 60 Hz - 1740 RPM

Power Supply:- 3 Phase

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Wet SandBlasting Machine

Do you wish to clean or prepare surfaces quickly and effectively?

Wet sand blasting with a high-pressure water jet pump is currently used extensively in the fields of surface preparation, paint removal, and rust treatment. In wet sandblasting, an abrasive component is mixed with the water jet to create an abrasive spray. This abrasive spray is sprayed on the surface, breaking up small pieces of unwanted coating corrosion or other unwanted substances to produce the ideal metal polish for recoating. Wet sand blasting is widely used for a wide range of applications in engineering, heavy engineering, fabrication, construction, and other industries.

​Power washers equipped with a wet sandblaster kit are the most suitable option for industrial users who require powerful water sandblasting capabilities. These potent pressure washers can also be used with a variety of sand grit sizes and media types, such as baking soda or plastic pellets, for added versatility. The greater the grit used in the equipment, the more abrasive the sandblasting process becomes.


Wet SandBlasting Application