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Deburring Your Products More Effectively through Water Sandblasting

While the deburring process may not have a significant impact on most commercial products, it is critical to evaluate these effects early on in the manufacturing planning process for precision parts, which are more susceptible to damage.

Wet Sand Blasting offers several advantages for surface finishing, particularly in situations where the negative effects of deburring are unacceptable.

Wet Sand Blasting allows you to "come in shallow," meaning the contact angle can be less aggressive than with other methods. It helps in generating a scrubbing action, or erosion of the burrs, allowing for a more precise and less destructive manipulation of precision parts.

Precision Machining Deburring

The removal of fine burrs from machined parts by Wet Sand Blasting. Automation reduces labour while increasing output and speed. The water in the slurry aids in heat dissipation.

Using a Wet Sandblasting System by PressureJet , high-end materials such as titanium can be efficiently deburred without dimension loss, leaving a clean, uniform, matte finish.

Aerospace Deburring

On parts, such as hydraulic manifolds and valve bodies, with intersecting or cross-drilled holes, it can be difficult to reach the target area with conventional deburring tools. The Wet Sandblasting Process is ideally suited for accessing such internal passages.

It is precise, repeatable, and unlike other methods, it removes burrs without altering the part's dimensional characteristics or leaving embedded abrasive media on the part's surface.

Automotive Deburring

Stamping transmission splines leave fine burrs that can be removed in seconds using a Wet Sandblasting Machine by PressureJet Systems with no embedded media.

Water Sand Blasting simultaneously prepares the interior for a pressed bearing. Fine slurry blasting is used to remove the deep, sharp stress risers left by broaching.

Firearm Machines Deburring

Wet Sandblasting, unlike dry or sand blasting, can easily reach otherwise inaccessible surfaces of the slide, leaving the component completely deburred.

Using the Wet Sandblasting Kit by us, but with lower pressures, the slide can then undergo a secondary lapping process that produces an incredibly smooth and cosmetically superior finish.

To know more contact PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. to discover how Wet Sandblasting can resolve your deburring challenges or to know more about the use Industrial Water Sandblasting Machine visit or for enquiry can mail us on or call us on +91 937-502-2359.

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